iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 may arrive before iOS 7 launch

Apple could launch the next generation full-sized iPad and the iPad Mini 2 before it releases iOS 7, a report from the International Business Times claims. If the publication is to be believed, iOS 7 could see a launch following the 100-day launch date as with the 6th version. In other words, the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini could arrive no later than September 18 or even this month.

There have been reports that Apple will unveil both devices in July but they have not been confirmed.  For its part, the US tech company says iOS 7 will be ready in the fall. Notably, some beta testers say testing could be complete as soon as August.

Spec wise, the iPad Mini 2 is believed to have with a 7.9-inch Retina display of 2,048x1,536 resolution, a dual-core A7 processor under the hood. Other key features would include a FaceTime HD camera and a iSight camera capable of capturing Full HD (1080p) video and a battery good for up to 10 hours. Although the device has been rumored to carry a screen built by AUO, it could indeed gain a Sharp's IGZO display.

The next-generation full-sized iPad, or the iPad 5, is expected to take design cues from the iPad Mini and would be sleeker. It is likely to have a Sharp's IGZO screen, however, it's not clear at this point, if the Japanese company is able to deliver components for the iPad 5 on time.

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